Our Story? We like to say it’s our enthusiasm for good ideas, a habit of always listening to our customer and a design process that’s based on an irrepressible sense of fun.

Our story goes back to the millennium. Back then, we couldn’t understand why people in the UK didn’t use microwave hot water bottles to soothe their tired muscles in the comfort of their own homes. So we decided to add a magic ingredient – aromatherapy. 

It was a great success. 'Gently warming' a wheat bag, infused with aromatherapy pure essential oils, in the microwave, for one minute released aromatic fragrances that aided deep sleep and relaxation, as well as relief from tension or stress.  And that’s when the fun really started…

From microwave hot water bottles to novelty fuzzy slippers

Our microwave heated body wraps were a great success, so we asked ourselves what we could do next. We got talking to our customers, brought together lots of ideas, and asked ourselves who we wanted to create products for…

  • For Children: we developed products that were fun, adorable and with bags of personality. Enter the Hot Hugs Hotties, Fuzzy Friends novelty sippers and Microwave teddies with loads of lots of different characters to choose from.
  • For parents: we designed heatable items that were safe for children and added pure aromatherapy oils that when gently warmed in the microwave released calming aromas to aid restful sleep.
  • For adults:  we created special products that allowed them to enjoy everyday pampering, like our microwaveable feet warmers, lavender scented eye masks, knitted body warmers and body wraps. We’ve also developed a range of hot water bottles gently scented with essential oils and a wonderful collection of so many different types of hot water bottles.
  • For everyone: we made Hot, Huggable, Fragrant and Fun products, designed to suit all tastes and budgets.