Warming love this Valentine’s with a Microwave Hot Water Bottle - Hotties

Warming love this Valentine’s with a Microwave Hot Water Bottle - Hotties

Get cozy and fall asleep happy and warm this Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget the little ones this Valentine’s Day, they deserve to have something warm to cuddle up to at night as well to a favorite bedtime toy. With the cold nights still…. cold and so very long, give them a toy gently warmed in a microwave to give a warming soothing toy to cuddle up to at night. Gently scented with lavender these fun and friendly microwave teddies will also relax and aid a restful nights sleep. Your little one will wake up happy and rested next to their new best friend, their microwave hot water bottle.

Microwave hot water bottle teddy toys have come along way since Aroma Home first started producing them back in 2000. Now commonly known as hotties they come in a range of sizes, characters and designs. And we develop and create new hotties every year. There’s sure to be one just right for the child in your life.

The advantages of a microwave hot water bottles - hotties

Microwave Teddy toys or hotties have many advantages over a traditional hot water bottle, which are particularly advantageous for the young and old. Hot water can’t leak out and scold or leave you bed wet being the most obvious. But there’s also more, unlike hot water bottles microwave hotties don’t get as cold and wake you up cold in the night, they just slowly cool down to room temperate. Plus they don’t need to be as hot to stay warm for longer than a hot water bottle. This means you little one can give them a good cuddle straight away. The of course is the gentle and soothing lavender aroma commonly known for it’s relaxing and soothing abilities.

Our Microwave Hot Water Bottle ranges

Hot Hugs are our larger toys and come in adorable characters aimed at both girls and boys. This years best selling microwave hot hug was a cute penguin with a beany hat. They come beautiful packaged and so make ideal gifts as well.

Cozy Hotties are our smaller collection of toys and so a perfect for younger children. As with our Hot Hugs range they come in a great selection of cuddly characters for girls and boys.

Cozy Friends are our new range of funky characters. Full of quirky personality they make great bedtime toys and companions for all ages.

Knitted Hotties – every year we create a new character for our knitted collections and they all contain the most popular product – our microwave hotties. This year we have snowy owls, polar bears and foxes to choose from.

Watch this space for our new characters of microwave hot water bottles and hotties for 2016.