Warming soothing scents for The Holidays - Microwave Hotties and Lavender

Warming soothing scents for The Holidays - Microwave Hotties and Lavender

Warming Body Warmer Hotties

Keeping warm and cosy during the long cold winter months and over the Holiday Season can often be a challenge. Hot Water Bottles are great but they can sometimes be too hot and then if you sleep with them, they can get very cold after they have cooled down. But with a body warmer hottie they have a more gentle heat and also don’t get as cold when cooled. Fragranced with Cranberry and our new scent, lavender, this creates a soothing festive fragrance to aid a restful and great nights sleep. 

Warming Neck Warmers in Lavander and Cranberry

We also have wonderful neck warmers which can be positioned around the neck to give a soothing warmth to all those aches and pains that come on with the cold weather. Perfect for relaxing with after a long day while sitting down.

Warming Slippers

As well as the body warmer hottie and neck warmer we also have our heated slippers. As with the body warmer hottie and neck warmer the removable insert is placed into a microwave and warmed gently and then replaced back into the slippers. This then gives a warming, soothing feeling to tired and aching feet after a long day Christmas shopping maybe. 

All these relaxing products are gently scented with either soothing lavender or festive cranberry. All have covers that are machine washable meaning they can be used winter after winter, year after year. The scents also last a long time as well, ensuring when winter comes around again you’ll be ready for it.

Microwave Hotties

Hotties are a great alternative to Hot Water Bottles, perfect for the whole family. Try our cuddly hot hug hotties that can also be warmed in a microwave to give your little ones a warming soothing lavender scented to toy to aid a great nights sleep. They wake up happy and rested next to their new best friend.