New Aroma Home Fuzzy Friends Slippers

Aroma Home have been creating new Fuzzy Friends Slippers characters for a few years now, but it’s when our cozy frog fuzzy friends slippers were highlighted on extra TV and seen on Oprah Winfrey, that their popularity increased and they became a must gave gift for Christmas.

We’ve increased the characters within the collection this fall and now introduce our 2 new characters – a very cheeky pug dog and cat. But they are no ordinary pair of fuzzy friends slippers, they both wear an outrageous pair of glittering glasses, making them a funky must have gift for Christmas this year. They’ve also made it onto TV in the UK already. Stars in the making.

But don’t worry if you’ve got a favorite character within our Fuzzy Friends Slipper collection. Our best selling character is in fact our unicorn slippers followed closely not surprisingly by the cozy frog. As our slippers are oh so cozy it’s obviously that another great family favorite is our cute penguin slippers.

But it’s not just adults that get all the fun of fuzzy friends slippers, we’ve got some great characters for children as well. The most popular being a purple butterfly, closely followed by the buzzy bumble bee. Lots of fun to be had, whether you’re old or young.

While they look cute and fun they are also very practical. The have a non slip sole, which ensure safety when walking on hard floors. Plus the fuzzy fond material is designed to gently stimulate your feet as you move around in them, as well as keeping your feet cozy and warm.