Kind Words

Hot Hugs Hottie Lamb

My 1yr old son loves the Lamb his uncle got for his first Christmas. So much so that I'm planning on purchasing a second Lamb in case the first goes missing! The lamb smells wonderful, but it takes much longer than the minute for the insert to heat up. I don't bother heating it up as you can smell the lavender just fine without it. Washing is easy, just toss in with the rest of your clothes after removing the insert. He's gotten all sorts of messy things on the white-ish "fur" and it's all come out with no fuss. The fur doesn't pull out easily which is wonderful because he's started to gnaw on the ears and Lamb's head. The stitching seems to be holding up well as well for such an active lamby-life with a toddler. If you want to give your child a lovey that isn't a blanket, I recommend this product!
A Happy Customer
So I get constant headaches, feel cold easily/arthritis pains and have a case of insomina now and then. I bought this product because of the novelty of sleep and counting sheep. Thought it was a cute premise for an insominiac. Initially I heated it wrong and the smell made me nauseous. Heated it the right way with the water and 10 second intervals and instantly loved it. Put it under my head during one of those headache nights and woke up the next morning not quite sure when I fell asleep and when the pounding in my head ceased. It was that relaxing of an aroma and the right amount of warmth. This lamb is my version of a warm glass of milk every night. Don't know if it would work the same for every one else but this lamb is a dream for me.
A Dreamy Customer