Kind Words

Silk Eye Mask Black

This BLACK eye mask does an excellent job of blocking out all light. They are comfortable on and stay in place through the night. My husband and I each wear one every night. I bought extras in case they wear out because these masks are essential for our good night's sleep.
A Relaxed Customer
I ordered this mask in black because my dorm blinds let in light in the morning and so my roommate can keep her lamp on when I go to bed so she can work. The scent is not too strong, but i find it can be a little irritating to sensitive eyes at first. The mask blocks out light very well. I move around in my sleep a lot and the mask stays on perfectly the whole night. It is very soft and comfy even for a side sleeper like myself. I would very much recommend this product.
A Well-rested Customer
I got the black eye mask and I love everything about it! It smells great (even weeks after I opened it), it keeps the light out (except occasionally around the nose it needs adjusting, but its never a problem), and it is really comfortable. It has a silky side and a soft fabric side. I'm a side sleeper and I change positions often throughout the night. The mask stays on easily and is comfortable even on my side! Overall it is a luxurious product and I would recommend it to anyone!
A Fidgety Customer