Kind Words

Soothing Body Wrap

I purchased this body wrap as a nice way to sooth my chronic back and neck pain. I'm somewhat of a petite person, just under 5'3 and it fits around my neck and rests on my shoulders perfectly. If you are taller it might seem a little small for that area. I love love my wrap though, it has the wonderful soothing smell of lavender. I've been using it for a month, also perfect for helping warm a cold bed as well.
A Petite Customer

Cuddly Hottie Bear

Great customer service from the company! They took great care of us and my daughter loves the bear. We've named it Berkeley as that's where the company is located and where we used to live!
An Awesome Customer

Cuddly Hottie

I got this as a gift to my girlfriend and she loves it, uses it every night. It's simple you just toss the pack from in his stomach in the microwave for about a minute and then take it out and put it back in him and he's warm for hours and smells so beautiful. He's very soft and adorable to cuddle with.
A Romantic Customer